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Vexon BioPen - 3D Bioprinting Pen

Developing a Pioneering Surgical Instrument

Vexon 3D Technologies is currently developing the 3D Biopen, a novel surgical instrument for orthopaedic surgery. The 3D BioPen offers a means to successfully repair bones afflicted with osteoarthritis or fracture. The BioPen deposites a two-part a bioactive gel and cross-linking agent. This is used to repair cavities of the bones repair them. The ink protects the cells during the operation and helps them integrate.

A new means to treat Arthritis

Vexon is developing this instrument as an effective treatment for Arthritis. This extremely common condition that affects over 350 million people worldwide. The Vexon BioPen is a revolutionary device that allows surgeons to 3D bioprint cartilage directly.

Vexon BioPen

By bioprinting stem cells suspended in a hydrogel these can be deposited into the right area. The cross-linked hydrogel sustains the cells while they mature, produce collagen fibre and form cartilage.

We have recently determines that 98% of Chondrocyte cells were still alive and thriving after one week.

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