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Vexon develops and manufactures advanced 3D printing filaments, photocurable resins, nanocomposite kits and conductive graphene inks. If you would like to use our 3D Printing materials, then please get in touch with us. We are glad to help.

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We produce world-class enhanced 3D Printing materials

Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture advanced 3D Printing filaments, photocurable resins and conductive graphene inks. Each is made using advanced formulations, including ceramics, composites, biomaterials, electrically conductive and metallatic. We focus of the fabrication of advanced structural 3D printing materials that can be used in a range of engineering, biomedical or structural appliactions. We work across many different industrial sectors, including healthcare, aerospace and engineering so our products are at the forefront of science and technology.

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Vexon Products

Vexon 3D technologies research, develop and manufacture advanced 3D Printing filaments, 3D photocurable resins and conductive graphene inks.

BioX 3D Printing Filament

Biologically compatible PLLA filaments for biomedical research and development.

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CarbonX 3D Printing Filament

High strength advanced carbon filament for structural applications and engineering.

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GrapheneX 3D Printing Filament

Highly conductive graphene filament for creating 3D Printed electronics devices.

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NylonX 3D Printing Filament

Ultra high strength filament for 3D printing prothetic devices and structural components.

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MetalX 3D Printing Filament

High concentration stainless steel filament for creating metallic components.

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CrystalX 3D Printing Filament

Ultra clear PET filament for fibreoptic 3D printing device fabrication.

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NanoX 3D Printing Filament

Specialist carbon nanotube nanocomposite filament with enhanced structural properties.

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EcoX 3D Printing Filament

Our 100% recycled ecofriendly 3D printing filament which is good for the planet.

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ConcreteX 3D Printing Filament

3D Print parts which look and feel like concrete with our advanced concrete formulation.

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KevlarX 3D Printing Filament

Ultra high strength and great for armoured 3D Printing applications.

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3D Printing Filament Sample Set

Order a sample set of Vexon 3D printing filaments to try before you buy.

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3D Printing Resin

Vexon SLS 3D printing resin for generating advanced ultra-high precision components.

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Graphene Conductive Ink

Vexon graphene conductive ink is perfect for generating printed electronics components.

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Nanocomposite Kits

Vexon supply high performance nanocomposite kits that allow you to make advanced materials anywhere.

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