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Vexon develops and manufactures components and structures for global customers across the World. If you would like to use our manufacturing services, then please get in touch with us. We are glad to help.

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Producing World-class Technologies

Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture components made from advanced materials, including ceramics, composites, biomaterials, high-performance alloys and printed electronics. We focus of the fabrication of electronics technologies, advanced structural materials and 3D printing in healthcare applications. We work across many different industrial sectors, including healthcare, aerospace and engineering.

Since we were founded as a University spinout company in 2013 we have brought together cutting-edge technology and engineering. This has resulted in the development of a range of advanced products that deliver new capabilities and achieve value.

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Vexon 3D Technologies

Vexon develop and manufacture advanced 3D materials to enhance the quality and performance of products. We develop graphene aerogel, oxide and flexible batteries that demonstrate superior performance in printed electronics applications. Since 2013 we have been at eth forefront of the 3D Bioprinting sector and manufacture ceramic matrix composites, carbon fibre composites and 3D print parts made from advanced alloys and polymers.

Vexon 3D Technologies is a high growth business that has been at the forefront of developing these required technologies and advanced materials. We continue to develop collaborations with both academic and commercial partners. These allows us to enhance our technologies and improve them so they are the best on the World.

Industries Served

Vexon develop technologies and systems used across numerous industries

Research and Development

We carry out research into novel nanomaterial enhanced composite materials, biomaterials and printed electronics.

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We manufacture medical 3D Printing systems, Robotic systems and fuel cells that are used in research and production.

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We supply numerous advanced 3D Printing materials, consumables, bioreactors, flexible batteries and research kits.

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