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Carbon Fibre Composite Training

Practical Composites Training Course

Our popular practical composites course is designed to provide an intensive hand-on approach to the fabrication of modern carbon fibre composites manufacturing. We teach Resin Infusion, Prepreg laminating as well as the correct pattern and mould making techniques for these processes.

Our courses are designed to be suitable for many abilities, including those with little or no practical experience of composites however a basic understanding or some practical experience will be an advantage. The course is aimed any anyone who would like to understand how modern, high performance composite parts are manufactured. We will provide you with the skills for you to be able to design, manufacture or repair carbon fibre parts.

Practical Composites Advanced

Our advanced course introduces the concepts of pattern and mould making and then expands on the specific principles and requirements for producing moulds suitable for resin infusion and out-of-autoclave part manufacturing. You will learn about 2-part silicone resins that are used to make exceptional moulds. You will firstly learn practical 'hands-on' experience of pattern making, how to choose the right materials for your patterns and moulds, make dimensionally accurate patterns from 2D profiles and work with polyurethane foam to create original forms.

Course Structure

During our intermediate session you will be taught the technique of making vacuum assisted resin infusion. This technique is one of the most significant developments to take place in composites manufacturing for the last 25 years. We will focus on the high-performance side of resin infusion using epoxy resin and high-end reinforcements such as carbon fibre, aramid and infusion-grade core materials.

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