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Manufacturing Advanced CMC Components

Vexon 3D Technologies is one of the only companies in the UK to manufacture bespoke ceramic matrix composite components. Our advanced formulation is perfect for high performance and high temperature environments that require a structural yet elegant solution to manufacturing.

Based on the research of Dr Daniel Thomas we have pioneered new ways to manufacture Ceramic Matrix Composites materials. These are designed to operate in applications that need to exceed the temperature capability of conventional alloys and composite materials.

The Next Generation of Aerospace Structures

Our Kerex® Ceramic matrix composite offers a lightweight and high integrity applications up to temperature of 1400ºC. This makes it perfect for the next generation of advanced aerospace applications. We have developed numerous different CMC chemistries and manufacturing techniques that are capable of being used in many different applications. We can create complex geometries with very thin profiles when required.

Manufacturing World-class Cermaic Matrix Composites

We make World-class ceramic matrix composite components that can be designed, optimises and manufactured into specific customer requirements. These are perfect for thermal protection of critical components and can act as replacement parts over conventional materials and designs. We are continuing to innovate within this domain and are developing new methods of manufacturing ceramic matrix composites.

The benefits of our technology are in high temperature turbine applications. Our CMC’s are lighter than traditional superalloys for creating higher temperature capability to increase the engine efficiency. They have environmental resistance to oxidation and corrosion and erosion and are non-brittle in comparison to other ceramic materials.

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We are an Advanced materials manufacturing and Advanced 3D component manufacturer developing a wide range of exciting future technologies.

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Vexon 3D Technologies

Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture numerous components made from advanced materials, including ceramics, composites, biomaterials, high-performance alloys and printed electronics. We focus of the fabrication of electronics technologies, advanced structural materials and 3D printing in healthcare applications. We work across many different industrial sectors, including healthcare, aerospace and engineering.

Vexon has developed and manufactured components and structures for global customers across the world. If you would like to use our manufacturing services, then please get in touch with us. We are glad to help.

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