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Manufacture High Strength Composites

The Vexon 3D Technologies Omicron 3D Composite Educational 3D Printer makes professional high strength parts and has been designed specifically for school use. Our Advanced 3D Printer has some impressive features and a huge 320x320x320mm enclosed build volume. With a titanium nozzle which is resistant to wear and a maximum temperature of 300°C the Delta 3D Prints ultra-high performance Nylon, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar composite materials right at school.

The enclosed build area provides a stable environment and armoured glass build plate results in the production of ultra-high precision parts. This industrial machine can be used to introduce students to 3D Printing technology and is of great benefit to the curriculum to produce high performance parts.

Vexon Omicron Composite 3D Printer £899

The Vexon Omicron has a maximum print speed of 100mm/s and a composite layer resolution of 75µm and a high degree of print tolerance. With a high quality build using only the best materials, we have produced a machine that will be a school classroom companion for years to come.

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Produce world-class enhanced structures in the classroom

If you would like to break away for making items from traditional ABS and PLA, then the Vexon Omicron is the perfect 3D Printer for you. We supply the range of advanced 3D printing materials that you can use right out of the box.

The Vexon Omicron offers unmatched quality, affordability and durability for makers who want to 3D print advanced polymers and who want to make structural parts. Our machine is a popular choice for school users.

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Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture numerous components made from advanced materials, including ceramics, composites, biomaterials, high-performance alloys and printed electronics. We focus of the fabrication of electronics technologies, advanced structural materials and 3D printing in healthcare applications. We work across many different industrial sectors, including healthcare, aerospace and engineering.

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