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Vexon Graphene Aerogel

The Worlds Lightest Structural Material

We are currently developing our QuenX graphene aerogel for a range of applications, these include enhancing the thermal performance of energy-saving materials and creating high performance additive to coatings. Future to this Vexon is also focusing on the development of graphene aerogel as specialist coatings and as an exciting new architectural lighting panel.

3Dynamcis QuenX Aerogel

Our QuenX graphene aerogel is a highly compressible material that has superior properties of compressive elasticity; ultrahigh porosity; outstanding tolerance for harsh environment a large specific surface area and also has a high electrical and thermal conductivity.

A world leader in Graphene Aerogel research

Vexon continues to develop different blends of our QuenX Graphene Aerogel. These have excellent absorption capabilities in which they can absorb more than 1000 times its own weight. We are focusing of creating two new products an oil spill large area mat. We are also developing the energy storage and the transfer of energy capabilities of our graphene aerogel. This will enable us to create lighter, higher-energy-density batteries and supercapacitors.

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We are an Advanced materials manufacturing and Advanced 3D component manufacturer developing a wide range of exciting future technologies.

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Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture numerous components made from advanced materials, including ceramics, composites, biomaterials, high-performance alloys and printed electronics. We focus of the fabrication of electronics technologies, advanced structural materials and 3D printing in healthcare applications. We work across many different industrial sectors, including healthcare, aerospace and engineering.

Vexon has developed and manufactured components and structures for global customers across the world. If you would like to use our manufacturing services, then please get in touch with us. We are glad to help.

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