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The significant benefits of our Graphene Oxide research is in the development for us in high capacity energy storage batteries. Our research is focussing of electrically insulating metal oxide nanoparticles which are adsorbed onto reduced Graphene Oxide to increase the performance of these materials in batteries.

The energy storage capacity and cycle stability is shown to increase for iron oxide on reduced Graphene Oxide. The high surface area reduced Graphene Oxide has been made using microwaves for exfoliation and reduction of Graphene Oxide. The high surface area reduced Graphene Oxide formed is useful as an energy storage material in our supercapacitor technology.

Graphene Oxide Applications

Our graphene oxide is based on a monomolecular layer of graphite with carboxyl surface groups. We use this material to fabricate several electronic devices. This is particularly the case with our chemical sensors, transparent conductors and biosensor technology.

Engineering Biosensor Technology

Our reduced Graphene Oxide is being developed in different systems designed to detect biologically relevant molecules, antibodies and biomarkers. We are developing a range of high quality graphene oxide products for your innovative and advanced materials research needs.

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