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GrapheneX Graphene 3D Printing Filament

Vexon GrapheneX Graphene3D Printing Filament

Our GrapheneX Conductive Graphene PLA-based Filament offers a volume resistivity of 0.4 ohm-cm. This allows you to make 3D Printed electronic devices on any desk-top 3D printer.

electronics which you interact with on a daily basis; it is an excellent material for designing human interface devices. Capacitive sensing can also be used to measure proximity, position, humidity and liquid flow. Another application of Conductive GrapheneX PLA Filament is in the creation of electrically conductive circuitry for use in electronics.

Vexon GrapheneX 1.75mm Filament
500g Reel £35.99+Shipping
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Our GrapheneX 3D Printing filament is made of 2% (by weight) Graphene Nanoplatelets and 3% high purity carbon is also added into the blend to achieve percolation threshold and achieve electrical conductivity.

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Recommended 3D Printing Settings

Extruder: 215- 220°C (Desktop printers). GrapheneX is a PLA-based product and has a lower melt viscosity than traditional PLA. Therefore; it is necessary to print at LOWER temperatures to allow the resin to flow properly. There is no need for a heated build plate.

If using this material for dual-extrusion printing, we recommend using in conjunction with PLA. A 3D printer nozzle of 0.4 mm is recommended for GrapheneX Filament. GrapheneX is mechanically stronger than traditional PLA and it can be used to 3D print structural parts.

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