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Vexon Manufacture a four straight channel microfluidic cell devices fabricated in PMMA. It features 4 parallel channels that have a channel thickness of 10µm 20µm 40µm and 50µm. Made by micromachining this chip also included mini Luer connections to ensure a leak-free junction to the inlet and outlet tubes.

This cost-effective microfluidic cell technology is used by scientists who work on biological, chemical and physics research. It is perfect for analysing fluids and samples of materials down to the microlitre.

Vexon 4 Channel Microfluidic Cell £75.99

The straight channel microfluidic chip device is made of 4 parallel channels each with a different size. We are also able to manufacture custom sizes and profiles.

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World-class Microfluidic Technology

Vexon 3D Technologies manufacture high precision microfluidic devices that are reliable, cost-effective and durable. They are used by a range of scientific and engineering professionals to analysis samples of material. The transparent PMMA can used to achieve superior resolution for scientific experiments.

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