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Carbon Fibre Nanocomposite Kit

Vexon Carbon Fibre Nanocomposite Kit

Vexon 3D Technologies are proud to introduce the Worlds first Nanocomposite kit. No material is you are highly experienced in composite engineering or a complete beginner, Vexon Nanocomposite provides all the materials so you can make superior carbon fibre enhanced parts.

This kit uses high performance tight weave carbon fibre fabric, nano-enhanced graphene nanoplatelet epoxy resin, polymer hardener and applicator. Our enhance epoxy has been specially formulated for use in carbon fibre lamination having excellent electronical and mechanical properties.

One meter square nanocomposite kit £52.99

This advanced kit contains everything that you need to create nano-enhanced carbon fibre parts. You will receive everything that you need to make a high-performance component. This kit can be used for experimentation with composites, reinforcing an existing product or repairing an existing carbon fibre product.

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Create World-class Nano-ehanced Products

VOur graphene enhanced resin system outperforms current carbon fibre composites and is excellent for people looking for a high-performance composite kit. The 0.75% graphene nanoplatelet enhanced resin creates enhanced electrical conductivity and enhanced mechanical strength. It also creates an excellent standard and you will achieve an excellent surface finish.

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