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Hannah Open Source BioInk

Developing a Universal BioInk

Our free opensource bioink formulation has been designed to allow researchers to to advance the bioprinting field. Since 2011 we have developed bioinks and our Hannah bioink is an amalgamation of ten-years of research. This bioink is based on nanocellulose and alginate derived from natural seed weed sources. This bioink can be modified with peptides and growth factors to meet different tissue fabrication requirements.

Hannah Opensource BioInk

Hannah has the advantages of shear-thinning which means that the viscosity decreases consistently with increased shear rate. Nanocellulose extra cellulose matrix allows cells to proliferate far more efficiently and the BioInk produces consistency and ease of bioprinting.

The Opensource ease to use BioInk

We have engineered Hannah BioInk for both experimental research as well as allowing it to transition for 3D bioprinting human tissue systems. It has excellent biocompatibility for exciting 3D bioprinting applications. Hannah is easy to make and we send out the formulation of our BioInk to all researchers interested in using it.

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